The 170th Anniversary of the Apostle's birth is commemorated in Nigeria.

Nigeria, January 28, 2023.- With a solemn and profound ceremony, the 170th anniversary of the birth of the Cuban apostle, Jose Marti, was commemorated at the headquarters of the Cuban diplomatic mission in Abuja, capital of Nigeria.

With the presence of the Cuban ambassador in that nation, Clara M. Pulido Escandell, -who opened the ceremony- and the group of officials from the Cuban embassy, also with the presence of a brother from the land of Simon Bolivar, the Charge d'affaires of Venezuela, Luis Pineda, in addition to a representation of the group of Nigerians graduated in Cuba and Cubans residing in Nigeria, the patriotic act began with the notes of the national anthems of both nations and with an adjusted floral arrangement of the native forest in front of the bust of Jose Marti.

Profound and patriotic were the words of those present. It was unanimously agreed on the need to continue studying and putting into practice the Master's legacy as a formula of love to respond to contemporary challenges, in Cuba and in the world. Eternal recognition of the Apostle's teachings and his example of patriotism, commitment, vision of the future, humanism, solidarity, ethics, intelligence, courage and love, among others, emerged from the words of the Cubans present. Poems and verses were read and reflections were made on different moments in the life of Jose Marti.

A moment of Cuban pride, were the words of Dr. Adie Patrick, a doctor graduated in Cuba, who recalled passages from his life as a student on the Caribbean Island and his vision of the love that Cubans profess to Jose Marti. His participation in the “March of the Torches”, his teacher who cried talking about the Apostle, his Marti classmates and the presence of statues of the Cuban hero throughout the entire island, elements that facilitated his understanding of the meaning of patriotism and of the dimension of the Cuban Apostle.

The moment also led to the raising of the voices of those present against the genocidal blockade of the United States against Cuba. The support for the homeland of Jose Marti was ratified and the damage caused by this economic war to the Cuban people and other peoples of the world due to its extraterritorial nature was warned. Martí's thought was revealed when he expressed: "Whoever has known how to preserve his decorum knows what others are worth, and respects it."

The act ended with the gratitude of the Cuban Ambassador to those present, for joining such an important moment for all Cubans, which is to pay tribute to the Master, the most universal of Cubans. Thus sealing Marti's conviction: "And let's put around the star, on the new flag, this formula of triumphant love: "With everyone and for the good of all".


(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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