The 69th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada garrison is celebrated in Norway

Oslo, July 31, 2022. The 69th anniversary of the assault on the Moncada garrison, a transcendental event in the history of Cuba, was celebrated in this city with a political and cultural activity.

Members of the Norway-Cuba Friendship Association, the Communist Party of Norway, the Rødt Party, the Bolivarian groups and the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions; diplomats from the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela; Cuban residents; representatives from the FSLN and FMLN, and friends in general, joined the Embassy staff for the occasion.

After the exhibition of an audiovisual material produced by Prensa Latina News Agency, the Second Secretary of the Embassy, Daffne Ernesto Mirabal García, took the floor and recalled what happened that day of July 26, 1953, and its historical significance. Likewise, he addressed aspects of the current situation in Cuba, including the impact of the tightening of the blockade and the campaign of destabilization and subversion promoted by the US government with the aim of overthrowing the Revolution. Besides, he highlighted the indisputable progress and achievements of the country in the challenging period that is living.

The Cuban diplomat thanked the actions of support and solidarity with Cuba that friends in Norway have carried out over the years and, in particular, in this last period. For this, he recalled the words of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz when he said:... ”The effort, the struggle and the sacrifice depend fundamentally on us; but this does not prevent us from being infinitely grateful for the solidarity, because solidarity is encouragement, it is an encouragement for the struggle, it is a tremendous moral force that constantly reminds us that our people are not alone in this struggle and that they raise a just flag, a flag worthy, a heroic flag; that our people defend values ​​that are of interest to the other peoples of the world”.

Cihan Karakoc, president of the Norway-Cuba Friendship Association, also praised the meaning of the Day of National Rebellion and denounced how, because of taking their destiny into their own hands and deciding to be free and independent, the Cuban people are suffering from a cruel blockade that has lasted longer than 60 years and an unlimited aggression on the part of the main world superpower. He stressed that, while the Empire took advantage of the pandemic to reinforce the economic war against Cuba and carry out provocative and destabilizing actions, Cuba remained faithful to its principles and to the premise that, in the current situation, the world depends on international cooperation.

Karakoc extended cordial congratulations to the Cuban people on the occasion of the date, which he extended to all those who believe that a better world is possible and fight for it. Likewise, he assured that the Association will continue its actions until the blockade and aggressions against Cuba cease and the US respects the sovereignty of the Island.

The celebration, which also served to commemorate the 211th anniversaries of the Independence of Venezuela and the 43rd of the Triumph of the Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua, concluded with a cultural segment in which Latin American poetry and music delighted those present. To round it off, there was an opportunity to taste exquisite dishes. (Embassy of Cuba in Norway)

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