71 AGNU: Cuba at Fourth Committee vs. the US Embargo

Despite the economic hardships mainly as a result of the cruel economic, commercial and financial Embargo imposed against our country, Cuba attaches a growing importance to space sciences and their applications. Particular emphasis is placed on the prevention of disasters such as cyclones, flooding, penetrations of the sea and forest fires, as well as to the studies of hazard, vulnerability and risk (PVR), among others. Accordingly, we would like to highlight the importance attached by our country to the Early Warning Systems for Disasters. In this area, we have acquired considerable experience, particularly in addressing hurricanes, which have become increasingly frequent and gained intensity. We have shared this experience with other countries of the region as well. (General Debate on item "International cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space.", 13 October 2016) 

Cuba also expects the end of the economic, commercial and financial Embargo which has caused such serious harm to the Cuban people, with damaging effects in the field of information and communications, among others within the daily life of the Cuban people. (Debate on "Questions relating to information". 18 October 2016)