AIPSO condemns the recent stepping up of the US aggression on Cuba

The US intensified the blockade on Cuba when the pandemic broke out in an effort to wreck the Cuban economy and destabilise the country.  Despite these conditions, Cuba was the only country in the region with the capacity to produce its own vaccines to combat Covid-19, and was at the forefront of international solidarity in the times of pandemic. However, the pressure on the economy led to a situation where there have been sporadic protests by some Cubans who have been displaying their dissatisfaction in public. While some of these protests are understandable and the Cuban government has been maintaining a dialogue with them on the real reasons for the sufferings that have brought these few hundred Cuban men and women to the streets, other protests have been part of the enormous destabilization campaign hatched by the White House which is trying to use the global tragedy of the pandemic by attacking the Cuban revolution by all means.

AIPSO condemns the recent stepping up of the US aggression on Cuba which has lately been target of intensified hybrid attacks. Apart from the blockade and sanctions, the United States has stepped up its assault with a systematic, multimillion-dollar coordinated campaign on social networks, “fake news.” The corrupt paid news is trying to create the impression of a massive opposition to the revolutionary socialist government, and this despite the fact that the Cuban people have now responded as they always do: thousands of them have taken to the streets in a massive defence of the Revolution!

Cuba has been subjected for sixty years to an inhuman economic blockade as well as covert and overt aggressions of all kinds by the US. The blockade has seriously impacted Cuban economic life, and the pandemic has aggravated the situation further. The Cuban people have heroically braved the blockade, which has been condemned almost unanimously by the international community. The US blockade is actually a crime against humanity since it causes enormous suffering, its policies kill, cause hunger and unspeakable deprivation.

AIPSO salutes the heroic people of Cuba and the Cuban Revolution that despite the genocidal blockade during all these decades is able to guarantee universal access to high standards of free medical care, education, social security, sports, music and culture.

AIPSO expresses its unflinching solidarity with the Cuban revolution, the Cuban socialist State and the people of Cuba.

AIPSO Secretariat

New Delhi

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