Along with the economic war, the U.S. government has unleashed a media war against Cuba

New York, 27 October 2022.  The genocidal and hostile U.S. policy against Cuba is a broad system of unilateral coercive measures, with a wide extraterritorial spectrum.

It is not a bilateral conflict, as they pretend to show. Nor does it affect only the Cuban government; on the contrary, it is aimed at harming our population as a means of overthrowing the Cuban revolutionary government.

Cuba's permanence on the List of State Sponsors of Terrorism has reinforced the deterrent and intimidating impact of the blockade, as well as the country's difficulties in engaging in international trade and financial operations.

As a result, contracts have been closed, relations with banking institutions that usually worked with Cuba have been lost, there has been indebtedness, delays in the sending and receiving of funds and goods, among other difficulties, with incalculable costs and consequences for the Cuban people and the Cuban economy.

In addition to all this economic war, there is a pernicious media-communication campaign to try to destabilize the country, launched and monitored by the government of the United States.

This campaign is based on lies, slander, manipulation of data, images and the most diverse methods of unconventional warfare, to generate political destabilization and the so-called "regime change", in clear violation of the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of States.

Such campaign has Cubans as the target of its media bombardment, but also international audiences. It includes the promotion of artificial leaders; the fabrication of pretexts for the failed rehearsal of a humanitarian intervention, the encouragement of irregular emigration, all of this with the aim of positioning the false image of a government in crisis, repressive and unstable, incapable of responding to the demands of its population.

For these activities, the U.S. government has earmarked about $20 million annually. The programs are operated under Section 109 of the Helms-Burton Act, which authorizes the U.S. President to provide assistance and other support to individuals and non-governmental organizations in favor of Cuba's "democratization" efforts.

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