Ambassador of Cuba holds meeting with the Secretary General of the Communist Party of Ireland.

Ambassador of Cuba holds meeting with the Secretary General of the Communist Party of Ireland.

Dublin, March 17, 2018. The Cuban Ambassador, Hugo René Ramos Milanes held a working interview with Eugene McCartan, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Ireland.

The Cuban diplomat conveyed fraternal greetings from the Communist Party of Cuba and thanks for the sustained solidarity that the PCI has given to the Cuban Revolution and people, especially in the international campaign to end the cruel economic blockade imposed on the Island for more than five decades by the United States government, as was also very active Irish Communist militancy in international action for the release of the Cuban Five Heroes who unjustly remained in US jails for 16 years.

Ramos Milanes said that this solidarity should continue to grow in the current circumstances in which the Trump Administration has taken new actions to intensify the economic blockade and stifle the efforts of the Cuban government to expand its commercial and cooperation relations, to achieve a sustainable development that allows preserve the conquests of the socialist revolution, recently endorsed with the high level of popular participation in the elections to elect members of the Cuban parliament.

Both parties exchanged impressions about events in Cuba, Latin America and Europe. There were references to solidarity with the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela that suffers a frontal attack to annul the conquests of the Chavez revolution and for the cause of the Palestinian people.

They also shared on future actions to undertake that contribute to the strengthening of friendly relations between the peoples of Ireland and Cuba, which will celebrate 20 years of diplomatic relations.



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