Ambassador of Cuba in Mongolia talks with businessmen about exports, including Cuban Premium cigarettes Cohiba Maestro that will soon be available in the Mongolian market

The Cuban ambassador to Mongolia, Jorge Ferrer, met with the executives of the company Cubano Tabaco to discuss the commercial opportunities of traditional Cuban exports such as coffee, rum and cigarettes.

Among other issues, they exchanged about the business possibilities of the Cuban Cohiba Maestro black cigarettes, produced in Cuba, which will soon begin to be marketed by the GS 25 chain of stores.

This brand is produced only in Cuba and with Cuban tobacco by BrasCuba Cigarettes, S.A., a joint venture between the Cuban Tabacuba and the Brazilian Souza Cruz, a member of British American Tobacco, BAT.


Cohiba, the most prestigious Cuban cigar in the world and the elite brand of Habanos, has held since 2003, almost 20 years ago, its versions in cigarettes thanks to the use license acquired by Brascuba.

"Cohiba" is the first name given to tobacco by the aboriginal Indians who inhabited Cuba, when it was discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus. As a commercial brand of cigars, Cohiba, the favorite one of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, was created in 1966 on his initiative.

Cohiba cigarettes with an exquisite recipe conceived with a selection of the best leaves from the Vuelta Abajo fertile plains in the western Cuban province of Pinar del Rio, honors the heritage of traditional tobacco  and strengthens its potential in the category of premium cigarettes.

The ambassador shared that Cohiba Maestro is a blend of 100% Cuban black tobacco, which recalls the expertise in harvesting and artisanal selection of its leaves for the creation of Cuba's most distinctive cigarette. Cohiba is positioning itself more and more in the preference of the consumer who likes to fuse tradition and exclusivity in a smoke with the the unique and unrepeatable flavor of the best Cuban and world tobacco.

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