Ambassador of Cuba in Nigeria denounces the US blockade against Cuba.

Nigeria, March 19, 2022.- The Cuban ambassador to this country, Clara M. Pulido Escandell, offered an interview to the journalist Owei Lakenfa in the "Diplomatic Hour" program broadcast by the Nigerian radio station FM 93.7.

In this, which was the first of a group of interviews planned with different representatives of the diplomatic corps stationed in Abuja, Cuba had the honor of being the first to be able to transmit its points of view through a national radio station.

During the same, the Cuban diplomat denounced the measures of economic warfare that the United States government is organizing through the genocidal blockade with the aim of suffocating the Cuban people and thus diminishing socialism in Cuba.

The Cuban ambassador also referred to the historical and cultural ties that unite Cuba and Nigeria, expressed in the daily life of both peoples. She also referred to the solidarity that distinguishes the Cuban people, to Cuban internationalism that had maximum expression in Africa, especially in the fight against colonialism and apartheid. She also addressed topics of international interest.

The Cuban Ambassador thanked the Nigerian journalist and friend of Cuba, Owei Lakemfa, for the opportunity to exchange and refer to these topics of interest.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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