Ambassador of Cuba realize official visit to Abia State in Nigeria

Nigeria, February 23, 2017. On February 21 and 22, Cuban Ambassador Carlos Trejo Sosa visited to the State of Abia, located in southeastern Nigeria, at the invitation of his Governor.

The Ambassador held a meeting with Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, State Governor and several members of his cabinet, including the Minister of Health of the territory. The meeting took place in a friendly atmosphere of mutual respect, in accordance with the existing ties between the two countries.

The central ideas exposed were associated with bilateral collaboration in the area of ​​health. In this sense, the Governor of the territory has shown interest in placing Cuban doctors in some hospitals, because he knows the prestige and professionalism of the Caribbean nation's personnel.

The Cuban Ambassador reiterated the support of the Cuban Government to the African continent for the historical and blood ties that unite them. He reaffirmed the permanence of the US blockade against Cuba, despite the measures taken by former President Obama. He showed with examples the extraterritoriality of the blockade and the persistence in its application. Likewise, he offered an update on socioeconomic indicators in Cuba, especially health and education.

As part of the program, the Ambassador traveled to the "Obingwa" hospital where some of the Cuban doctors are expected to work for the state government through Cuban Medical Services. There he verified the conditions created for the permanence of the Cuban professionals in that place.

The activities of the diplomatic delegation were covered and reported by television stations NTA, ALT, Ben London and TVC News.

(Embassy of Cuba to Nigeria)

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