Ambassador of Cuba in the Republic of Zimbabwe grants an interview to the main television channel

During the commemorative day for the 61st Anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution and the 167th anniversary of the birth of the National Hero "José Martí", Carmelina Ramírez Rodríguez, Ambassador of Cuba in Zimbabwe, gave an interview to the Zimbabwean television channel ZBC TV.

Ambassador Ramírez alluded to the activities that the diplomatic mission will carry out to commemorate both ephemeris, on January 28, 2020. A bust of the Cuban National Hero "José Martí" will be unveiled and a political act and reception will be held for the 61st anniversary of the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

The principles of the legacy of the Cuban Revolution were highlighted by the Cuban Ambassador, as well as the condemnation of the unjust US blockade. against the Caribbean island, exacerbated by the current US administration. In this sense, Carmelina highlighted the unyielding character of the Cuban Revolution and expressed that Cubans today are the continuity of the revolutionary process and heirs to the historical legacy of the heroes and martyrs who shed their blood since the very beginning of the independence struggle in 1868. He highlighted the strong historical ties between both peoples and expressed the gratitude of the Cuban government and people for the unconditional support of Zimbabwe in the bilateral and multilateral fields.

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