Ambassador of Cuba to South Africa receives a visit from FOCUS directors

Pretoria, September 05, 2022.- The Ambassador of Cuba to South Africa, Enrique Orta González, received Lefika Chetty and Hope Papo, Friends of Cuba Society (FOCUS) directors from the Gauteng province, at the diplomatic mission headquarters. Bryan Betancourt Brito, official in charge of Political Affairs at the Embassy, as well as Lauren Luis Acosta, official in charge of Press and Cultural Affairs were also present.

The meeting highlighted the importance of FOCUS as a fundamental support to counter disinformation and Fake news campaigns against Cuba, as well as the need to continue strengthening the Society and develop new and diverse activities.

At the same time, the comrades condemned the effects on the Cuban people caused by the criminal blockade imposed by the United States. They criticized the recent decision of President Joe Biden to extend the law that maintains the blockade against Cuba and they expressed their solidarity with the Island, its revolution and its people.

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