Ambassador of Cuba visits Holland Pro Cuba Project stand.

The Hague, 7 October 2019. Ambassador of Cuba in the Netherlands, Soraya Alvarez Núñez, visited the stand of Guillermo Veldhoven, founder of the Project Holland Pro Cuba, in an autumn fair held in the heart of this city.

As part of the stand´s promotion the Dutch fríend of Cuba presented last Sunday once more promotional material about Cuba whcich he produces himself including DVDs with audiovisual material on the figure of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, Commander Ernesto Che Guevara as well as about the use of Heberprot-P. An important part of the material is devoted to provide information in Dutch on the blockade impose by the United States against Cuba. Mr. Veldhoven has carried out a beautiful work of solidarity with Cuba for more than 20 years.

The Cuban Ambassador took advantage of this opportunity to reiterate the gratitude for all the love Mr. Veldhoven has shown to Cuba and the value of the work his foundations carries on in providing an objective image of the realities and achievements of our country and in denouncing the genocidal blockade, which for the 28th consecutive time will be brought to the attention of the international community when the United Nations General Assembly votes on the resolution presented against it.


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