Ambassador of Cuba walks work areas of Cuban linemen in Dominica.

Ambassador of Cuba walks work areas of Cuban linemen in Dominica.

Dominica, Roseau, April 26, 2018. The ambassador of Cuba to the Commonwealth of Dominica made a tour of rural areas, where Cuban linemen are working, supporting the process of restoration of electricity service, severely affected by the passage of Huarcán María last September.

Since October of last year, two brigades of linemen from the provinces of Pinar del Río and Sancti Spiritus of the National Electric Union (UNE) are in Dominica as part of Cuba's support for the recovery process of the Island. Hurricane Maria it caused serious damage, affected more than 90% of the electric service and more than 80% of the country's housing fund. From the first moment Cuba offered its solidarity support with the shipment of linemen, builders, forestry workers and the reinforcement of the permanent Medical Brigade.

During the tour, the Cuban Ambassador visited the areas of Warner, where pinareños linemen are working about 15 km north part of the capital, and the area of ​​Soufriere, served by the linemen from Sancti Spiritus, 20 km south of the main city. In both cases, the quality and speed of the work carried out was appreciated; as well as the disposition of both brigades to continue working until it is necessary to recover the services as soon as possible.

The government authorities and the population in general have repeatedly acknowledged and thanked Cuba for its support in the recovery of the country.

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