Ambassador in Dominica meets with members of the permanent Cuban brigade of health collaborators.

Ambassador in Dominica meets with members of the permanent Cuban brigade of health collaborators.

Roseau, June 16, 2022. The Cuban Ambassador to Dominica, Ulises Arranz Fernández, held a meeting today with the collaborators who are part of the Permanent Health Brigade who provide their services in the sister nation of Dominica . The meeting took place in one of the houses occupied by the collaborators in the capital of the country, taking advantage of the meeting held monthly to discuss issues related to medical assistance and the operation of the brigade.

The Ambassador referred to the results of the recently concluded IX Summit of the Americas, in which a battle was waged against the US government for the dignity and sovereignty of the peoples of the Americas. The exclusion that that government made of the presidents of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, caused several leaders of the region not to attend the event, as well as criticism of the US government by the majority of those who attended, when they made use of their word.

The condemnation of the US government blockade against Cuba, the request to remove our country from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism and the recognition of the work of our health collaborators, was also present in the speeches of country representatives. In this sense, the Ambassador recognized the intervention of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business and Relations with the Diaspora, the Honorable Dr. Kenneth Darroux, who addressed all these issues in his intervention in the high-level segment.

He also referred to the People's Summit that was held parallel to the IX Summit of the Americas, to which a Cuban civil society delegation was also unable to attend, due to the non-granting of visas by the US government. In that event, another battle was fought in favor of Cuba, which is why President Miguel Díaz Canel Bermúdez sent a message of thanks at the end of said event.

Finally, the Ambassador referred to issues related to the operation of the brigade, highlighting the work carried out by all health collaborators, which is recognized by the people of Dominica and is a source of pride for the people of Cuba.


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