Ambassador exchanges about Fidel's legacy with members of the Solidarity with Cuba Movement

NIGERIA, November 27, 2018. In order to honor the memory of the invincible leader, a group of activists from the Movement of Solidarity with Cuba in the federal capital met to discuss the importance of putting Fidel's ideas into practice and of maintaining his legacy. The meeting was attended by the Cuban Ambassador who transferred the status of existing relations with Africa and the continuity of the thought of the historical leader in today's Cuba.
In the context of the second anniversary of the physical disappearance of the Historical Leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, Cuban Ambassador Carlos Trejo Sosa exchanged with members of the Solidarity Movement with Cuba about the legacy of the Commander in Chief.
He stressed that the high rates of infant mortality, life expectancy, free education, health, culture and sports that the Caribbean nation has are achievements achieved by the revolutionary process designed by Fidel. He also emphasized the role played by Cuba in Africa, both in the struggle for the independence of some countries and in the confrontation and defeat of apartheid in the continent, as well as in civil collaboration, carried out by thousands of doctors and professionals. Cubans from other spheres and qualified personnel training on the Caribbean island, all of which is part of the unforgettable legacy of the Commander in Chief.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)