The Anniversary of the passing away of Commander in Chief was commemorated in Toronto

Toronto, November 25, 2019.- Although his loss has been irreparable, Cubans and other peoples around the world follow the beacon of light represented by Fidel and his ideas. That is the essence of the message of those present in the humble tribute paid to our historic leader, at the headquarters of the Consulate General of Cuba in Toronto.

Along with a group of friends of the solidarity organizations with Cuba and members of the Association of Cuban Residents in Toronto "Juan Gualberto Gómez", we enjoyed the screening of the audiovisual "Fidel in the Memory of the People". In the mean time, attendees remembered moments that marked our history with Fidel's leadership such as the Moncada episode, Sierra Maestra battles; the literacy campaign; the contribution of the Cuban people to the formation of other nations and the constant resistance of Cuba to the hostile policy of our northern neighbor.

Poetry was present in the voice of a Cuban pioneer with a fragment of the Song to Fidel de Carilda Oliver; while the outstanding intellectual friend of the island, Professor Keith Ellis shared verses of his authorship dedicated to the Commander and the women protagonists of the Cuban Revolution.

Instead of a day of mourning, it was a space of commitment to the principles to represent and defend Cuba and the legacy of Fidel.

Consulado General de Cuba en Toronto

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