The application of Cuban method "Yes, I Can" advances in Aboriginal communities in Australia

new graduation of the literacy campaign with the Cuban method "Yes, I Can"

Canberra, September 16, 2019 - A new graduation of the literacy campaign with the Cuban method "Yes, I Can" took place in the aboriginal community of Collarenebri, located in the northwest of New South Wales. This campaign, which has the support of Cuban advisors, is implemented by the Australian Literacy for Life Foundation.

The activity, in which 17 new students received their graduation diplomas, was attended by the Cuban ambassador to Australia, Ariel Lorenzo Rodríguez, who after congratulating them for their great spirit of improvement highlighted the remarkable results of the application of the method "Yes I Can" on Australian lands, which from 2012 to 2019 has been applied in nine aboriginal communities in New South Wales and the Northern Territory, registering a promotion rate of over 60% and more than 200 graduate students.

Likewise, the Cuban diplomat stressed the joint efforts that are being made to extend the campaign to other remote areas of Australia, while reaffirming Cuba's solidarity commitment to continue supporting the implementation of this noble literacy program that is already part of the bonds of friendship and cooperation that join both countries.

The literacy method ¨Yes, I Can¨ was created by Cuban specialists in 2001 and has allowed more than five million adults to read and write in nearly 30 countries, most of them from Third World or developing countries.

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