Article by Dr. Terence Marryshow

Cuba has signed agreement after agreement with the US for the orderly immigration of Cubans to the US over the years which the US never honors. Somehow they prefer the sensationalism associated with Cubans fleeing the country on rafts and floating devices at great risk to lives. They use this as a tool to paint the narrative that Cubans are fleeing in droves. If they allowed orderly immigration it would be no different from other countries with a different social system immigrating to the US just as Grenadians Trinidadians etc have done for decades. People from all over the world immigrate for the same reasons, because of strong family ties to those living in the US and for economic reasons to seek a better life in the richest country in the world because of the lack of opportunities in their respective countries. Cuba is no different in that respect, but Cuba's situation is exacerbated by the blockade creating hardships that no other country in the world has had to endure. If Grenadians were subjected to a blockade and its pernicious consequences as Cuba has been, our country would be practically empty. In fact without a blockade there are as many or more Grenadians in the US as they are in Grenada, so that argument is a spurious one. There are no easy answers. US foreign policy has no consistency and signing agreement with them has no guarantee of longevity. Obama tried and the situation improved considerably in only one year and this withoutcthe blockade being lifted. Then through no fault of Cuba, the situation changed dramatically to a level unimaginable after full diplomatic relations were restored once Trump came into office. So there are no easy answers. Look at the intransigence and immaturity of the US the called leader of the free world in not inviting Cuba Venezuela and Nicaragua to the Summit of the Americas.In today's world countries like Venezuela and Nicaragua who have multiparty systems and have regular elections but have progressive governments ard still not acceptable to the US. So what is the meaning and purpose of that democracy they tout?A country is only "democratic" when it had a right leaning government but undemocratic when the government is left leaning.What utter hypocrisy!!! The problem is not Cuba and their system, because the US deals overtly with China and Vietnam. The problem is with the US, their inconsistent and unprincipled foreign policy and their obsession to bring Cuba to its knees, a policy that goes way way back since the blockade began. This policy is not expected to change anytime soon as long as Cubans living in Florida have so much sway and as long as the US refuses to abide by the dictates of the international community and resolutions of the UN which have been saying in an almost unanimous voice that enough is enough and it is time to end the criminal blockade. It is really in the hands of the President US Congress and no other because the US people as a whole favour normal relations between the two countries. They were traveling to Cuba in droves on cruise ships and airflights after Obama's initiative. This is what frightened them because Americans were getting a taste of the forbidden fruit and they liked it. Someone saw this and decided that Cuba was benefitting too much and decided to revert to the old status quo. The problem is not Cuba, it is the US.

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