The Association Cubanos en UK supports the 8th Congress of the PCC and ratifies that its fight will not cease until the US blockade against our country is eliminated forever

Statement of support to the 8th Congress of the PCC

The 8th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC, by its Spanish initials) was held in Havana from April 17-19, headed by its First Secretary, Army General Raúl Castro, the President of the Republic Miguel Díaz Canel, and other top leaders of the country.

For three days, various issues related to the policy of training and composition of cadres of the PCC and the performance of its more than 700,000 members, who have to face the complex situation and current problems the country is going through, were discussed. At the great event, the process of Conceptualization of the Economic and Social Model of Socialist Development in our country was updated. Among the agreements, it was approved to recommend to the National Assembly of People's Power to analyze the updating of the economic model discussed.

The statements of the delegates demonstrate the link of the party members with the people and their base. A congress focused on resolving the demands of the people, fighting for just causes and reaffirming the willingness to face any challenge, no matter how difficult it may be, committed to the defense of the homeland, the revolution and socialism. The words of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro remain valid when he said in the closing speech of the Second Congress of the PCC: “Our Party exists by the people and for the people”.

From Cubanos en UK we send our special congratulations to comrade Raúl Castro, who for almost six decades has held the position of Army General and Chief of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, a position of the utmost importance in the midst of the threat and hostility that the US government represents for the sovereignty of Cuba.

We wish success to the management of the new generation of leaders in the party, under the leadership of President Miguel Díaz Canel who assumes the position of First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba.

Cubanos en UK recognizes the effort, courage and resistance of all Cubans who, despite the pandemic and the tightening of the blockade, fight for a better future and who give examples of solidarity with other brotherly peoples.

From the UK we will continue to denounce the hostile US policy towards Cuba under the disguised complicity of Western governments, which constitutes an obstacle to achieving greater social benefits and prosperity. The blockade is a criminal policy that affects all Cuban families and the development of the country.



Cubans in UK

19th April 2021


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