Australia - Cuba Friendship Society issue a National Stament demanding the end of blockade

Canberra, October 24, 2019.- A few days before the voting session at the United Nations General Assembly to the Cuban resolution on US blockade, the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society (ACFS) issued a National Statement demanding the end of this unfair policy against the island, whose negative impact it can bee seen at every sector of the of Cuban society.

The document signed by seven branches of the ACFS was delivered to the Cuban ambassador to Australia, Ariel Lorenzo Rodríguez by a bunch of ACFSers based in the city of Brisbane. The stament urge the government of the United States to immediately discontinue its illegal practice against the Cuban people, as well as to pay compensation to Cuba for the economic damages accumulated for almost six decades. At the same time, they called on the Australian government to support such efforts, through diplomatic channels and international forums.

Since its constitution in Sydney, 1979, the Australia-Cuba Friendship Society has promoted for decades on Australian soil numerous actions and initiatives of solidarity with the Cuban Revolution. On the second and seventeenth days of each month, the ACFS organize peaceful demonstration actions for the lifting of the blockade, in front of the US General Consulates in the Australian cities of Perth and Sydney.

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