Australia-Cuba Parliamentary Group is reactivated in Australia

Canberra, July 20, 2020.- After the Australian federal election in May 2019 and the constitution of a new legislature, the Australia-Cuba Parliamentary Group was officially reactivated at the Australian Federal Parliament, thus giving continuity to the efforts for strengthening parliamentary relations and ties of friendship between both countries.

The Group is composed of a total of 22 members, including representatives of the government's Liberal Party and members of the Labor Party, the main political force in the opposition, as well as the National and Independent Party, which is embedded in the work of networks and groups guaranteeing the Australian Parliament's general program of international participation.

 As part of the parliamentary exchanges, both countries were working on the visit to Cuba of an Australian parliamentary delegation in the course of 2020, which had to be postponed due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19.  We should also emphasised that at the beginning of this year, the President of the Cuban Parliament sent a message of condolences to his Australian counterpart after the devastating bushfires that affected the country.

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