Australian media reflects Cuba's commitment to its own vaccines against COVID-19

Canberra, 16th February 2021. - The Australian edition of the digital media Bussines Insider, one of the leading voices of the so-called “business journalism” in Australia, reported last Monday the progress of Cuba in the development of its own vaccine candidates against COVID -19.

The media highlighted that the Antillean island's commitment to a successful vaccine is part of its history of effective health campaigns without the support of Western countries. It also explained that, despite the fact that Cuba will begin its vaccination campaign in line with other countries, the Caribbean nation intends to be one of the first in the world to have immunized its entire population by the end of the year.

Professor Beate Kampmann, Director of the Vaccine Centre at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, commented in the article that the Finlay Institute of Cuba which is leading the clinical trials of the Cuban vaccine candidates Soberana 1 and Soberana 2, is an established company that already produces various types of vaccines for the Latin American region.

On her part, American professor Helen Yaffe who was also interviewed, highlighted the international cooperation actions deployed by Cuba to contain COVID-19 in other countries, further to which a campaign was promoted to nominate Cuban doctors for the Nobel Prize of Peace 2021.

Business Insider Australia concludes by noting that while the announced review of U.S. policy toward Cuba last January, the Caribbean island's plan is, for the moment, to get ahead through their own efforts.

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