Australian project linked to the William Soler Children's Hospital receives ICAP's 60th anniversary medal

Canberra, September 19, 2022.- The Cuban Children´s Hospital Fund, an Australian project linked to the William Soler Pediatric Cardiocenter, received the ICAP 60th anniversary commemorative medal, in recognition of its outstanding work of solidarity with the Cuban children.

In presenting the award on behalf of ICAP, the Cuban Ambassador to Australia, Ariel Lorenzo Rodriguez, highlighted the work carried out by this project, which is supported by the Maritime Union of Australia, as well as its valuable contribution for more than two decades to the national pediatric health programs in Cuba.

Precisely, because this segment of the population is one of the most affected by the blockade imposed by the U.S. government on our country; it was emphasized that the solidarity throughout all these years deserves our permanent recognition.

He also said that since its foundation in 1999 by union leader Tass Bull, the Cardiocenter has received equipment, disposable medical material, surgical instruments, hospital furniture and other supplies from Australian friends in multiple direct shipments from Australia or from other countries.

This noble work has allowed that approximately more than 1000 children have been benefited annually by the contributions made by this organization and about 500 children have been supported in surgical treatments of great complexity.

The path of solidarity and friendship between the Australian and Cuban people has been maintained even during a pandemic period.  In 2021, the project joined the efforts of the Cuba-Australia friendship societies and other Australian organizations to provide emergency materials to the pediatric population in Cuba and reduce the effects of Covid-19.

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