Australian Solidarity Movement with Cuba joins the Henry Reeve Brigade nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize

Canberra, July 2, 2020.- From their official accounts on social networks, the different state branches of the Australia - Cuba Friendship Association (ACFS) have joined the ongoing campaign happening in many parts of the world to favour the nomination of the Cuban brigade “Henry Reeve” to the Nobel Peace Prize.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ACFS has recognized the admirable work of the Cuban medical brigades which are present in many countries today in support of efforts to tackle the new coronavirus, complying with the request made by the respective governments to Cuba.

As part of its solidarity actions towards the Cuban people, the ACFS has developed a fundraising campaign, currently in the conclusive phase, intending to support Cuba in the acquisition of the necessary medical equipment and supplies to sustain its public health system amid the global health crisis, considering that the United States' blockade against the island has been strengthened in recent months rather than easing it, even preventing the arrival of humanitarian aid to the country.

To date, Cuba has sent more than 2,000 of its health sector professionals to thirty countries, to support global efforts against the SARS-COV-2 virus, which from the humanistic perspective that characterizes Cuba can only be contained through international solidarity and cooperation.


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