Bank accounts set up for emergency donations to Cuba

Two accounts for emergency donations to Cuba were opened following the devastating passage of Hurricane Ian, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The first of these was opened by the Ministry of Foreign Trade at the International Financial Bank (BFI) under the name of EMERGENCY DONATIONS. The account number is 030000005336242 and the Swift code is BFICCUHHXXX.

The second account is at the International Bank of Commerce (Bicsa) under the name DONACIONES-CUBA. Its number is 0407610081870041 and the Swift code is BIDCCUHHXXX.

Regarding the damage caused to Cuba by Hurricane Ian, there was a moment of zero electricity generation in the country and three deaths were reported.

 In Pinar del Río, Ian was described as one of the most violent meteorological phenomena to hit Vueltabajo in the last 14 years. Not a single one of the natural cure and controlled cure houses was left standing, severely affecting an essential infrastructure for the quality of tobacco in strategic municipalities such as Pinar del Río, San Juan y Martínez and San Luis.  

In the town centre of San Luis, preliminary evaluations show that 85% of the housing fund was affected.

In Havana, more than 1,000 trees were reported felled by the winds of the hurricane Ian's feeding bands and some 139 houses were affected, including 5 total collapses, with the municipalities of La Habana Vieja, Arroyo Naranjo and Regla being the most affected. All 385 circuits in the province were damaged.

In Artemisa, the most damaged crop was bananas, with a preliminary total of 5 000 hectares affected.

In Mayabeque, 85% of the damage is concentrated in the municipalities of Batabanó, Melena del Sur and San Nicolás, where the penetrations of the sea caused flooding that still persists in many places.

Source: Granma/CubaMINREX

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