In Barbados, Fidel anniversary is commemorated by solidarity movements and Cuban nationals.

Embajadores y el Presidente de la Asociación de Solidaridad de Barbados con Cuba.

On August 13, 2022, the Cuban State Mission in Barbados celebrated the 96th Birthday of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro in various events.

In a panel in the morning, at the Cuban Embassy, ​​the representatives of the solidarity groups and Barbadian leaders shared with the diplomatic representatives of Barbados, Venezuela and Cuba some memories of the events with Fidel that marked their lives. In the photo, the Ambassador of Barbados to the Caribbean, David Comissiong, shows the photo of Fidel making a speech at the monument to Busa, independence patriot and National Hero of Barbados, on Emancipation Day 1998 and recalled that he was the youngest speaker of that date, being then the youngest senator from Barbados and Fidel congratulated him and he kept that memory forever as one of the happiest days of his life.

The ambassadors of Cuba and Venezuela highlighted other facets of Fidel's founding work and his imprint on the Caribbean from the very first days of the revolutionary triumph of 1959.

Later, in the evening hours, the representatives of the Cuban cooperation, specialists from the medical brigades, as well as the Cuban sports trainers, met to share the evening with the commitment to continue the cooperation work that sustains the traditional long relationship between Barbados and Cuba as two sister nations of the Caribbean touched by Fidel's desire for friendship in so many ways, and shared a cake with the colors of the Cuban flag.

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