The blockade of Cuba is a policy from the past and must cease

The blockade of Cuba

Kuala Lumpur, September27 - Ambassador of Cuba to Malaysia, IbeteFernández, introduced to the Malaysian media the report of Cuba against the blockade, at the headquarters of the embassy.

In her presentation she pointed out the negative effects of this policy and its extraterritorial scope that prevents normal trade relations not only with the US but with all countries in the world interested in trading with Cuba, including Malaysia.

As part of her speech, she made an update of Cuba-US relations and what has happened in the last 21 months following the announcement of the start of negotiations for the restoration of relations.

Ambassador Fernándezalso reiterated that Cuba will present againa resolution at the UN to condemn the blockade next October 26, and conveyed the gratitude of Cuba to Malaysia for their continued support on this issue.

Theconferencewas attended by seven media, including national news agency, BERNAMA.