Blockade: U.S. Company buys key lung ventilator manufacturing firms for COVID-19 and suspends sales to Cuba.

Cuba will not be able to acquire pulmonary ventilators from several of its usual suppliers as two firms manufacturing this medical equipment have been purchased by a US company.  These devices are key elements in the care of serious and critical cases of COVID-19.


The company Medicuba, exporter and importer for the Ministry of Public Health, was notified that IMT Medical AG and Acutronic manufacturers had been acquired by the US company Vyaire Medical Inc., based in Illinois, and therefore informed that "the corporate guideline we have today is to suspend all business relations with Medicuba."


The denunciation was made on the Twitter account of the General Director of Latin America and the Caribbean of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex), Eugenio Martínez Enríquez.


Several suppliers informed #Cuba MEDICUBA company that they could not deliver contracted pulmonary ventilators because IMT MEDICAL AG and ACUTRONIC manufacturers had been purchased by Vyaire Medical Inc, a company based in Illinois, USA and the blockade prevents them from doing so.


While the UN and other voices around the world call for cooperation and solidarity in these times of pandemic, the United States government persists in its genocidal blockade against Cuba and other nations. The greatest power in the world denies the right to life to a small and fighting nation, which today provides solidarity aid through health personnel working in 59 countries of the world. Cuba has already sent almost two dozen medical support brigades to countries in need of health personnel to face the devastating effects of the COVID-19.


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