A book on 60 years of the Cuban revolution was launched in Greece

A book on 60 years of the Cuban revolution was launched in Greece

Athens, June 10: Sponsored by the Greek magazine "Marxist thought" was presented a book, result of a the collective work, named : "60 years of the Cuban revolution", the event took place at the Art Café Polis of Athens. .
The speakers were: José Oriol Marrero Martinez, Counsellor/consul of the Embassy of Cuba in Greece, Dimitris Kaltsonis University Professor, historian Foivos - Stavros Makridis and the Coordinator of the panel, Christos Kefalis.

The book, published in Greek language, has 479 pages and 35 articles on Cuba and its revolutionary process. It has illustrative photographs on the revolution. It is considered by specialists as one of the most important books, by its content and volume, about the theory and historical practice of the Cuban revolution edited in Greece to date. Appears on it documentary works of Ernesto Guevara, Fidel Castro, José Quevedo, Aleida Guevara, among others.
The presentation ceremony was attended also by Cuba's Ambassador in Greece, Zelmys María Domínguez Cortina. There were also present many people interested in the subject, who had the opportunity to ask questions and exchange with the authors

Thanks to the Editorial Committee of this work made in Greece, about the Cuban revolution of 1959, at its 60th anniversary, by the selection and inclusion in the article "Experience of Cuba in the socialist transformation process", presented to Congress International for the 200th anniversary of the birth of Carlos Marx by counselor Marrero Martinez.

With this documented material, Greek readers have a new and updated collective volume about the characteristics, theory and practice of the Cuban revolutionary process, which is deep inspiration in many parts of the world. It is also an excellent example of the interest that exists about it in Greece.
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