"Bravo" Cuban Film Festival in Toronto.

Toronto, May 28th, 2018. Organized by the Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association (CCFA-Toronto) the "Bravo" Cuban Film Festival was exhibited during last weekend in Toronto.

A series of successful documentaries were presented by the filmmakers Estela and Ernesto Bravo, such as "Fidel: The untold Story", "Holy Father and Gloria", "Who Am I? Found Children of Argentina", "Operation Peter Pan", "Cuba-South Africa-After the Battle" and "Gema de Cuba". The sample allowed the audience to approach their work, to feel in the words of the filmmakers their infinite loyalty to the Cuban Revolution and the personal contribution of both in favor of the world just causes and their commitment to build a society with well-being for the human being.

The Deputy Head of Mission of Cuba in Canada, Giuvel Orozco, along with the Consul General in Toronto, Tania Lopez were present. Associations of solidarity with Cuba, as well as Cubans living in Toronto and Canadian friends also attended this event.

Consulate General of Cuba in Toronto