Call for Cultural Festival with Cubans Living Abroad

Call for Cultural Festival with Cubans Living Abroad

The Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba call for the II Festival of Culture with Cubans Living Abroad "Cuba goes with me", from November 2 to 12, 2023.

This edition will be a new opportunity for Cuban artists and intellectuals living in other countries to share their art with the Cuban public and with those who visit us. Based on the cultural richness that unites us, we will highlight the work of cultural personalities with consolidated careers abroad and talented young people who are bearers of our identity.
The event will be held in hybrid format (face-to-face and virtual). Presentations will be made in all art forms with emphasis on weekend programming in theaters and artistic spaces in Havana. There will also be visits to art schools and community projects, as well as contests for children and young people of Cuban descent living abroad.
A novelty in this edition will be the development of a Forum where participants will be offered an update on existing legislation to propose and advance cooperation and business projects related to the field of Cultural and Creative Industries in our country.

The Ministry of Culture will guarantee the spaces for the presentations and for the exhibition of works of the plastic arts; the artistic production of musical and theatrical shows, as well as the logistical assurance for rehearsals. In addition, it will coordinate television broadcasts through Canal Clave and other promotional spaces of Cuban Television.   
"Cuba goes with me" will be the main concept of the presentations and the messages sent by artists and writers who cannot participate and wish to address the event's audience. Those interested can contact the respective Cuban diplomatic representations abroad or the Organizing Committee through the mail

"And let us place around the star, on the new flag, this formula of triumphant love: with all and for the good of all".
José Martí Pérez
Speech at the Cuban Lyceum, Tampa, November 26, 1891

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