Cambodia-Cuba relations are promising

The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Samdech Hun Sen, predicted that the bilateral effort to increase relations between Cuba and his country in various spheres today has a promising future.

According to the assessment of the Cambodian head of government, expressed in a greeting message regarding the 64th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, the year 2022 marked a milestone in the ties of friendship between both nations.

This was reflected in the exchange with Prime Minister Manuel Marrero during his visit, among other actions, pointed out Hun Sen, who traveled to Havana last September to become the first senior leader of his country to do so since Cuba's accession to the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation with Southeast Asia.

In the context of the celebrations for the revolutionary triumph, the Cuban diplomatic mission here also shared with students from the Royal University of Cambodia in a cultural fair organized at the campus headquarters.

There, Ambassador Liurka Rodríguez spoke about the historical significance of the triumphant Revolution on January 1, 1959, and evoked the arrival in the capital of the Freedom Caravan eight days later, as a symbol of the noblest aspirations to build a just and encouraging society for all Cubans.

The diplomat referred to the historical leadership of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, whose legacy, she said, can also be seen in the solidarity shared by Cuba and the Asian kingdom, and urged the new generation to continue strengthening ties and keeping alive the values ​​of friendship and mutual respect.

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