Canada´s Parliament Hosts Symposium on Cuba

Ottawa, May 28, 2019.- On Tuesday morning, a Symposium on Cuba was held at the Federal Canadian Parliament, under the auspices of the Hon. Senator Ringuette Pierrette and T.J. Harvey, MP, Co-Chairs of the Canada-Cuba Parliamentary Friendship Group, by initiative of the Canadian Network on Cuba.

The opening panel, made up by renowned scholars, namely, Isaac Saney, John Kirk and Julia Sagebien from Dalhaousie University, Halifax; and Professor Keith Ellis, from York University in Toronto, examined Cuba-Canada´s long-standing positive bilateral relations, current challenges and future prospects; as well as Cuba´s economy, society and foreign policy.

The second and last panel of the meeting focused on the nature of the Canadian trade relationship with Cuba, its importance for both countries, and the impact of the escalation of U.S. economic sanctions against Cuba on Canadian companies doing business with the island, particularly, after the activation of Title III and the threat to enact Title IV of the Helms Burton Act. Among the panelists were representatives of Canadian companies and organizations that maintain links with Cuba, including Sherritt International Corp. Acasta Capital, the National Bank of Canada, Gowling WLG international law firm, Air Transat and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Canada–Cuba.

The Honourable senators Ringuette Pierrette, Stan Kutcher, Beverley Busson and Diane Giffin; and members of Parliament Michel Picard, Anthony Rota and Fayçal El-Khoury, were in attendance.

Attending the Symposium in representation of the Embassy of Cuba in Ottawa were Ambassador Josefina Vidal, accompanied by other members of the diplomatic staff.

Embassy of Cuba in Canada

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