Canadian trade union adopts resolution against the US blockade on Cuba.

In the city of Gatineau, the Central Council of National Trade Unions of the Outaouais-CSN presented the resolution entitled "Cuba YES, blockade NO" before the Confederal Council of the Confederation of National Trade Unions, CSN. 

This resolution was unanimously adopted by the more than 300 delegates present in a plenary session, where the negative impact of the US policy against our Island was denounced. This initiative is part of the TUCA-CSA (Trade Union Confederation of the Americas) campaign in support of Cuba.

The Central Council of National Unions of l'Outaouais-CSN, together with the president of the Central Council, Alfonso Ibarra, have carried out several initiatives in solidarity with the people of Cuba, which includes the "Cuba Vive y Resiste!" campaign, where they have collected hundreds of signatures from members of their union, demanding the end of the US blockade and the elimination of our country from the arbitrary list of state sponsors of terrorism.

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