Celebrated Book and Copyright Day in Nigeria


NIGERIA, April 24, 2019. On the night of April 23, marked as the World Book and Copyright Day, the launch of the book "Poetry and Sayings Yoruba" by the poet was held at the Residence of the Spanish Ambassador. and Nigerian writer Ade Akinfenwa.
The activity was attended by all the Yoruba priests of the federal capital, the chairman of the local government of Alimosho, belonging to the Lagos state, Yoruba intellectuals, some ambassadors and members of the diplomatic corps.

The interventions were in charge of the Ambassador of Spain and the Nigerian writer, who recognized the influence of the Yoruba traditions in Cuba and the validity of these in Cuban society. In addition, the Cuban Ambassador, Carlos Trejo, made a presentation based primarily on the presence of the Yoruba in our country since the wars of independence and noted the contributions made by Fernando Ortiz to ethnological studies and the experiences of the former ambassador in Nigeria, Heriberto Feraudy.

The evening concluded with music, dance, art and Yoruba gastronomy, events that enlivened the atmosphere and allowed those present to know a little more about the culture and traditions of this rooted ethnic group, not only in Nigeria, but in Brazil, Venezuela, Jamaica , Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, among many others.

(Embassy of Cuba in Nigeria)

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