Celebrated Moncada Day in Toronto.

Toronto,  July 23, 2018 .- Yesterday afternoon was held in Toronto the 65th anniversary of the attack on the Guillermon Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Garrisons. The activity was organized by the Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association (CCFA- Toronto), Association of Cuban residents in Toronto "Juan Gualberto Gomez" (AJGG) and Latin-American and Caribbean Solidarity Network.

The President of Cuban Association, Julio Fonseca spoke about the importance of this remarkable date and the reasons that's why a group of young patriots, led by Fidel Castro Ruz, fought against  Batista dictatorship in a truly heroic action. Also, the Cuban Consul, Beatriz Jorge Fonseca highlighted that our country is immersed in a new Moncada, defending the continuity of the Revolution that our historic leaders have placed in hands of the new generations.

Cuban residents and Canadians enjoyed the afternoon with samples of Cuban cuisine  and they danced traditional Cuban’s rhythms. They played games and quiz about the date and they delighted with poetry of Indio Nabori.

(Consulate General of Cuba in Toronto)