Celebration for the anniversary of the Victory of Playa Girón in Stockholm

With a cultural political activity that brought together friends from the different solidarity organizations with Cuba, representatives of the Swedish Communist Party, Cubans residing in the Nordic country and the Solidarity Network with Latin America, it was held at the Embassy of Cuba in Sweden the anniversary of the victory of Playa Girón.

The occasion was propitious to remember the feat of the Cuban people led by our eternal leader Fidel Castro Ruz those days of April 1961, when mercenaries at the service of the US government treacherously attacked the main Cuban airports and invaded Playa Girón, with the purpose of  overthrow the nascent Cuban Revolution. This was reflected in the central words, pronounced by the Third Secretary  of the Embassy of Cuba, Yohanna Cordero Llanuch.

Eva Bjorklund, on behalf of the Swedish-Cuban Friendship Association, highlighted the historical importance of that feat of the Cuban people and shared with those present her memories of living such a relevant event in those years.

The projection of the words of the Commander in Chief, declaring the socialist character of the Cuban Revolution, and the historical images of those historic days of the Cuban Revolution, were accompanied by musical performances by various friends of Cuba.

In an emotional moment, those present joined their voices to demand once again the end of the criminal US blockade against Cuba.

Sixty-one years after Girón's victory, this continues to be an unprecedented feat for the people of Cuba. A symbol of victory, unity, courage, morality and patriotism, which demonstrated the fervent revolutionary spirit of an entire people who, two years after having won their true independence, had and still has much to defend.



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