Celebration of Cuba´s National Culture Day from the Cuban Embassy in Canada

On the night of October 19, the headquarters of EmbacubaCanadá dressed in Cuban, as part of the celebrations of Cuba´s National Culture Day. The event was attended by Cubans living in Canada, members of solidarity, and other friends of Cuba.

At the event tribute was paid to the 155th anniversary of the beginning of the Independence by Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, October 10, 1868, and to the 155th anniversary of being sung the notes of our "Anthem of Bayamo". As well as the poet José María Heredia, on the 220th anniversary of his birth, to our young artists and the 75th anniversary of the Foundation of the "Ballet of Cuba" by Prima Ballerina Assoluta Alicia Alonso, in 1948.


During the event, Ambassador Héctor Igarza denounced the impact of the US blockade on the culture, which has hindered the full development of cultural and artistic education. Similarly, Ambassador Cuba referred to that the Island faces an exponential increase in the cultural and media war articulated from the U.S. against the culture and our artists, through social networks, which is one of the main struggles facing our nation.

To the rhythm of the most autochthonous music of our nation, students of Ashbury College and Nepean High School moved those present, as evidenced by the cultural exchanges between the two nations.

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