Celebration in Greece of 60th anniversary of Cuban revolution and 58th of Victory in Girón

Celebration in Greece of 60th anniversary of Cuban revolution and 58th of Victory in Girón

Athens April 20: Successful celebration at the Embassy of Cuba in Greece on 60th anniversary of the Cuban revolution and the 58th of Playa Girón victory against north American imperialism.
Ambassador Zelmys María Domínguez Cortina said a few words about these anniversaries of victories, thanking solidarity friends for their presence and continued support, especially in these moments that the unfair economic, commercial and financial blockade of United States against Cuba is strengthened. She also reaffirmed the solidarity of Cuba with the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its legitimate President Nicolas Maduro and thanked the Ambassador of Venezuela for being at the event.

She invited everyone to enjoy the exhibition of photos "With Cuba in the heart", by the Counselor of the Embassy José Oriol Marrero Martínez, which was exposed all over the place, and that it was the tenth time it was exhibited with great success.

Cuban musicians’ resident in Greece Remy Maillan and Marlen Olano, delighted those present at the activity with patriotic and diverse nature songs, showing once more its solidarity to the homeland.

The children, who are "the hope of the world”, as José Martí used to said, drew and enjoyed the activity.

In the event there were around 200 people of various political forces, solidarity friends from various organizations, entrepreneurs, representatives of municipalities, governmental institutions, Latin American diplomats and Cubans resident in Greece to reaffirmed once again its commitment to and support for the Cuban revolution.

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