The Central Council EDON has sent today a congratulation letter to the Union of the Communist Youth of Cuba (UJC), on the completion of their recent Congress and the election of new leadership:

Comrade Meyvis Estévez,


Dear comrades of the Union of Communist Youth of Cuba,


On behalf of the Central Council of the UJC, I send you our militant greetings and warm congratulations, both to the new leadership of the organisation and to you personally for your election.

for the honourable and demanding task of First Secretary of the UJC.

We express with confidence that you will accomplish the tasks you have undertaken, because both our ideology and the support and trust that your Organisation receives from the Cuban youth are the driving force of the communists to achieve every goal.

We also congratulate you on your recent Conference. A difficult but very productive process that lasted months and culminated in the last days with the celebration of the Congress, led you to decisions that will add the next stone to the socialist construction and the defence of the Revolution in Cuba. Know that EDON will continue consistently and in solidarity with you in this process.

At the same time, we recognise that your support for the struggles of the Cypriot youth in distress is eternal and constitutes a strength for us.

EDON and the UJC have historically built historically unbreakable fraternal comradeships, which continue to grow and whistle each day.

in our common struggles in the ranks of the World Federation of Democratic Youth. We are confident that these relations will be further strengthened, because we are aware that as imperialist aggression intensifies in every corner of the globe, so does the need to strengthen the international anti-imperialist youth movement.

With the conviction that the Cuban Communist Youth Union will continue to contribute in every possible way to Cuba remaining a symbol of struggle and resistance for youth internationally, we wish you every success in your work.

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