Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City’s People’s Committee receives Cuban Ambassador

Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City’s People’s Committee Phan Van Mai has promised to boost the relationship between Vietnam and Cuba at a reception on May 19 for Orlando Nicolas Hernandez Guillen, the new Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam.

Mai and the Ambassador agreed to promote cooperation between the two countries in the fields of diplomacy, youth and cultural exchange.

Ho Chi Minh City will offer 30-50 scholarships for Cuba students to visit and learn in the city each year as well as support the exchange of students between the two sides, the city official said.

Mai suggested that the Cuban Ambassador pay attention to specific collaboration projects with the city in the fields of healthcare and teaching Spanish for the sake of cultural exchange.

Ho Chi Minh City plans to hold several meetings this year to introduce potential cooperation areas between Cuba and the city, he said. For his part, the Cuban Ambassador said there is great room for cooperation and expressed his hope that Ho Chi Minh City will facilitate stronger collaboration between the two sides in the future.

At present, Cuba is adopting many policies that can open up investment opportunities, he said, noting the hope that more businesses in Ho Chi Minh City take interest in investment in Cuba. The diplomat also invited Ho Chi Minh City businesses to attend the upcoming international conference held this November on the island.

Guillen affirmed that he will act as a bridge to strengthen comprehensive cooperation between Cuba and Ho Chi Minh City in the fields of education and healthcare.

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