Code Pink starts a new solidarity campaign with Cuba

According to the media outlet Presa Latina, the US organization Codepink is promoting a campaign with the objective that the United States government eliminate Cuba from the list of countries that sponsor terrorism. Members of CodePink explained that the initiative seeks to raise awareness within the public opinion and the US media about the consequences of being part of this list, as well as to strengthen the work of solidarity with Cuba in the United States.
They stressed that this political act has serious repercussions for the Cuban people by limiting their ability to carry out financial transactions to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and reactivate their economy. The immense power of the US government over the world financial system makes banks and merchants refuse to do business with Cuba because they fear reprisals if the restrictions of the economic, financial and commercial blockade and its extraterritorial nature are not complied with.
Cuba appreciates the support of solidarity groups that struggle for justice and truth, and work relentlesly for better relations between Cuba and the US. 
Source: Prensa Latina
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