Communist Party of Great Britain demands "Hands off Cuba"

Communist Party of Great Britain demands "Hands off Cuba"

The Communist Party of Great Britain (CPB) branch in the North London area, organised a virtual event of solidarity with the island, under the slogan "Hands off Cuba", in which representatives of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign and the Cuban mission in London participated.

During the event, Mary Adossides of the CPB rejected the attack against the Cuban Embassy in Paris and reiterated the condemnation of this violent act made by the Secretary General of this political force, Robert Griffiths.

For her part, Wendy Emmet, also a member of the Executive Committee of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign (CSC) in the United Kingdom, recognised that the current situation in Cuba is the result of the unjust blockade imposed for more than 60 years. Emmet highlighted the island's internationalism in the face of the pandemic, with the sending of 57 medical brigades to 40 countries, including two in Europe. Emmet stressed that, despite the complicated epidemiological situation, Cuba has successfully confronted COVID-19 and has managed to develop its own vaccines. 

CSC Director Rob Miller stressed that the effects of the blockade are real and multi-dimensional. He said the Campaign has also suffered from the obstacles imposed by the policy. He added that the US operation against Cuba is not a new element, but has been Washington's objective for more than 60 years. Miller reiterated that the US government must lift the blockade.

In her intervention, the Second Secretary of the Cuban Embassy, Aymée A. Díaz Negrín, gave an update on the current situation on the island. She denounced the media operation against the Revolution, generated and financed by the US government, with the aim of fomenting extreme violence.  Negrín emphasized that the riots that took place in some parts of the country on 11 July, and more recently, the terrorist attack with Molotov cocktails against the Cuban Embassy in France, are the result of this policy of harassment and hatred.  She also asserted that Cuba and its missions abroad continue to function normally.

Expressing her gratitude for the demonstrations of solidarity in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world, and the support for the lifting of the blockade, the diplomat reiterated that the fight against COVID-19 and the process of vaccinating the population continue to be a priority.

The participants reaffirmed that Cuba is not alone in its fight against the blockade and pledged to continue to carry out actions to further support this objective, and to contribute to the fight against the pandemic as they have been doing so far.

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