Communist Party of India sends fraternal greetings on the occasion of the VIII Congress of Cuban Communist Party


The Central Committee

Communist Party of Cuba

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the National Council of the Communist Party of India, and my own behalf I convey warm fraternal greetings to the leadership and delegates at the VIII Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba which will take place from April 16 to 19, 2021 at Havana.

The VIII Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba is taking place in the second wave of Covid 19 Pandemic situation world over. Cuba is preparing itself to contain the spread of virus based on its successful achievements in containing and overcoming its disastrous consequences on the economic, political and social life of Cuba and extending immense help to many countries by sending medical brigades in 2020. Such solidarity acts of Cuba have enhanced its prestige as a responsible member of the international community.

Your VIII Congress is also taking place in the context of all round development of Cuba since VII Congress held in 2016.

The political outcome of the VII Congress in defining Cuba’s social and economic model of socialist development till 2030 with in-depth critical discussions and guideline of the Party and the revolution for winning a bigger victory in the socialist cause marked a positive step forward for a more prosperous and sustainable construction of socialism.

The VIII Congress, while reviewing the results of the VII Congress, will review the economic and social achievements of the last five years, as well as finalize the projections for social and economic model of socialist development till 2030,strengthening the socialist State enterprise as a fundamental component within national economy and to promote and develop other new economic actors to increase the quality of basic services to the population and to improve the consumption and living standards of the people. At the same time the legacy and values of the Cuban revolution will be further strengthened for the continuity of socialism in Cuba.

Dear Comrades,

On this occasion we want to recall the historic struggle of the Cuban people to defeat the fascist Batista regime, supporting all national liberation movement particularly liberation of the countries of Southern Africa, its continuing struggle against US blockade and its solidarity activities with developing countries which were reflected in sending medical brigade to more than 51 countries and its fundamental political position in support of the struggle against the forces of imperialism for Peace, Independence, Democracy and for Social Progress.

Dear Comrades,

Our Party highly appreciates the role of Communist Party of Cuba in bringing together the Communist and Workers Parties as well as leftist organizations and social movements on common platform to strengthen the struggle for peace and social justice.

Our two parties, the Communist Party of India and Communist Party of Cuba have excellent fraternal relations. We have common positions and common concern on all international and regional developments. Situation demands more political interactions between our two parties to contribute more for the struggle for peace, democracy, social justice and finally for socialism.

While wishing your Congress all success we want to reiterate to continue our solidarity activities against the blockade and inhuman sanctions and support the nomination of the Henry Reeve Brigade for the Nobel Peace Prize.

We are looking for further strengthening of relations between our two parties and people of India and people of Cuba.


General Secretary

RSS Minrex