Communist Party of Poland against the blockade of Cuba

Warsawa, October 31st, 2022

The Communist Party of Poland condemns the unlawful blockade of Cuba imposed by the United States and suppoorts activities of the international community demanding lifting of the blockade.

We strongly advocate the draft resolution „Necessity of Ending the Economic, Commercial, and  Financial Blockade Imposed by the United States of America Against Cuba”, which will be discussing and voting by he United Nations General Assembly. This resolutrion demands Washington to follow the principles of the international law.

The US has established blokade against the will of the vast majority of the international community. Their sole aim is to suppress the Cuban Revolution and intervene in the internal issues of the sovereign nation. The US is threatening third parties, pressurinbg governments, financial and banking institutions to stop processing operations with Cuba. Attacks against companies cooperating with Cuba made under the conditions of Helms-Burton Act, are clear violation of freedom. 

Blockade threatens lives of the ordinary people, deprives them of the access to many commodities and services. It includes ban on medical supplies and technologies involving more tham 10% of the US components, forcing Cuba to resort to alternative sources and suffer from the additional costs.

The diplomatic and economic war waged against Cuba by the US escalates since 2019 despite demands to settle the conflict on diplomatic terms made by the international community.

We also condemn the US policy of putting Cuba on a list of alleged state sponsors of terrorism. It is baseless and unjustified, politically motivated action. Cuba was a victim of terrorism directed against gains of the socialist revolution. Washington and its proxies used clandestine actions and sabotage against the socialist authorities on Cuba. These attempts failed miserably due to strong resolve of the Cuban people.

We call all member states of the United Nations to suppoort the demand to lift the blockade of Cuba.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Poland
Warsaw, 30.10.2022.

(Embacuba - Polonia)

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