Congratulations to the members of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Seychelles on the Latin American Medicine Day.

Victoria, December 3, 2021_ On the occasion of the Latin American Medicine Day, the Cuban Embassy in Seychelles congratulates all Cuban health workers, and especially, the members of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Seychelles, who every day put on high the most noble and altruistic values of our beloved Cuba and the inexhaustible determination to contribute to raise the health indexes of this sister African nation.  

In the midst of the recovery of our country from the effects of Covid-19 with the effort of an entire people, the immense contribution of Cuban medicine and science, both within and outside our borders, is a source of pride for all Cubans.

Let this day also serve to remember our eternal historical leader Fidel Castro Ruz, the main promoter of the development of medicine in our country and the Army of White Coats, to bring health to the neediest of the planet, under the principles of internationalism, solidarity, altruism, dignity and example.

On December 3, the Day of Latin American Medicine is celebrated throughout the continent, in honor of the illustrious Cuban scholar Carlos Juan Finlay, born on this date but in 1833, discoverer of the transmitting agent of yellow fever.  

(Embacuba Seychelles)

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