Conversatory convened by the Ottawa Cuba Connections and the Outaouais-Cuba Friendship Association.

Ottawa, November 9, 2021 - Last night, November 8, Counselor Giuvel Orozco, Chargé d'Affaires a.i. of the diplomatic mission of Cuba in Canada, participated in a conversation convened by the Ottawa Cuba Connections and the Outaouais-Cuba Friendship Association, which was attended by friends from the capital region and other representatives of the Cuban mission.

During the meeting, the Cuban diplomat offered extensive information on the current situation in our country, the sustained results in the containment of the COVID19 pandemic, mainly due to the immunization of 79% of the Cuban population with vaccines created by the Cuban scientific community. He also added that as a result of the positive indicators in the control of the pandemic, the country is preparing to complete the reopening of all levels of school education, the reestablishment of services and production sectors that remained closed due to sanitary protocols and the reopening of borders for all travelers.  

The Cuban representative also denounced the campaign of disinformation and manipulation of the Cuban reality, the use by the US government and its agencies of political operators inside the island and abroad to advance provocations and actions of internal destabilization. With such actions, they intend to manage the image of Cuba as a failed state and force sanctions from international organizations and even military intervention with the aim of overthrowing the Cuban Revolution, and finally realize their dream of achieving a "regime change" in Cuba, which has been frustrated for more than 60 years.

The diplomat thanked the friends present for their support and the countless signs of solidarity towards the Cuban people, especially for the permanent demand for the elimination of the US blockade against Cuba, for joining the monthly caravans organized by the Association of Cuban Residents in Ottawa-Gatineau and for the campaigns developed recently to send humanitarian aid to the Caribbean nation, in support of the fight against COVID19.

Embassy of Cuba in Canada.

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