The convocation of the 6th Continental Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba has been launched

NIGERIA, April 15, 2019. On April 13, a press conference was held to officially announce the celebration of the VI Continental Conference of Solidarity with Cuba, based in the city of Abuja, Nigeria and the establishment of the 7 commissions that will take the process forward until its culmination on September 27 next.
The activity, co-chaired by the President of the Workers' Congress of Nigeria (NLC) and President of the World Trade Union Congress (WTC), Comrade Ayuba Wabba and the representative of the Congress of Trade Unions of Nigeria (TUC), was attended by the ambassadors of Cuba and Venezuela, Carlos Trejo Sosa and David Velázquez, respectively, who also presided over the activity. There were also delegations from the solidarity organizations with Cuba in the States of Ondo, Edo, Osun, Lagos and the Federal Capital (Abuja) and representatives of other non-governmental organizations based in Abuja.
The president of the NLC opened the activity with a very strong speech in favor of solidarity with Cuba, in which he explained everything that our country has been doing for Africa and for the oppressed of the world and called to realize in Nigeria one of the best events of support to Cuba of those that have been carried out so far.
The Cuban Ambassador in his speech made important statements, such as: the importance of increasing and reinforcing solidarity with Cuba in the current context of extreme aggressiveness of the government of the United States; the danger of the activation of chapter III of the Helms-Burton law and what it could mean, even for the development of mutually advantageous economic cooperation between Cuba and Nigeria, in addition to the interventionist actions of the US government in Latin America and elsewhere of the world, especially in Venezuela.
Carlos Trejo added that the intentions of the United States with Venezuela could extrapolate to other countries, with the recognition or ignorance of governments from Washington and impose their imperialist agenda.
The Venezuelan Ambassador intervened with an exposition on the situation in his country and the history of fraternal collaboration between the two Caribbean nations, which continues to this day and for which Venezuela and Cuba have been stirring up the hatred of the empire.






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