Cuba adopts new measures to facilitate the return of connationals in times of Covid-19.

Havana, November 17, 2020.- The Cuban citizens residing in the national territory, who are abroad at the time of this announcement, will be allowed to return to Cuba, exceptionally, with their expired passports and without extension.

The measure considers the negative socioeconomic impact derived from the COVID-19 at the world level due to the closing of borders and flights' suspension. This measure,  which will remain in force until further notice, will facilitate the entry into the country of nationals who have been unable to return to their places of residence because of the pandemic.

As of the reopening of all international airports in Cuba and the resumption of regular air operations, travel possibilities have been expanded. In the case of Cubans who reside abroad permanently, they must travel with their valid and current passport. In this regard, they must carry out the necessary procedures at the consular offices closest to their places of residence.

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