Cuba and the Caribbean to continue strengthening the solidarity

Press Release issued by the Embassy of Cuba in Jamaica 

This week, Cuba will become, once again, the capital of the Caribbean, serving as venue to different regional meetings aiming to dialogue about key issues for our region like tourism, commerce, transportation, the environment and climate change.

The First Conference of Cooperation of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), to held in Havana, this Tuesday, 8th March, will be focused on two important areas: the fight against climate change and the connection by sea. Representatives from ACS member States as well as United Nations funds and programs are expected to attend.

The strengthening of the concertation and cooperation capacity will favour that the ACS member States and associates be in better conditions to face the issues and problems affecting the region.

Next, the capital of Cuba will also host the XXII Ordinary Meeting of ACS Council of Ministers during 9th-10 March, during which Cuba will present a report on the work carried out during the last year leading this regional organization.  

Cuba has managed to boost the process of revitalization of the ACS with the objective to strength unity among the peoples of the Caribbean, based on the funding principles of the Association. ACS member States shall advance united to face the challenges of the sustainable development, the climate change and peace in the Caribbean.

During the V Ministerial Meeting CARICOM-Cuba, 11th March, our country will again ratify the permanent compromise to maintain the traditional cooperation with the countries of this regional organization in key areas like health, education, construction and fight against natural disasters.

The meeting will also serve as opportunity to convey the appreciation of Cuba for the support of the Caribbean nations to our people and Government, in special, in the fight against the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States.

The ties between Cuba and the nations of the Caribbean are strongly based on solidarity and marked by a high political level.

Cuba continues to feel proud of the excellent relations it maintains with every country of the Caribbean and it shall continue working side by side with ACS and CARICOM member States toward the strengthening of the diplomatic and economic relations.  Likewise, it reiterates the willingness to continue and strengthen cooperation with ACS and CARICOM in areas like health, education, sports, etc.

Kingston, March 8th, 2017 

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